OKTYABRSKY shopping center in Podolsk

One of our most modern shopping centres “Oktyabrsky” is located in the heart of Podolsk at the crossroads of its two main arteries ‘ Oktyabrsky’ and ‘Leningradsky’ Avenues, at the entrance to the town’s most inhabited district.

SOVETSKIY trade center in Podolsk

This modern shopping centre is a welcome addition to the centre of Podolsk. It is located near the historic centre and shopping precinct, satisfying the needs of residents and visitors.

ZAPADNY trade center in Podolsk

Shopping center «ZAPADNY» is in the most densely populated part of Podolsk, on crossing of two clusters – «Podolsk Open Spaces» and «Kuzneciki», which form the main coveraze zone number 107 000 people.

RODINA shopping center in Podolsk

Shopping center "Rodina" located on Kirov street, in the heart of the city of Podolsk.

AVIATOR shopping center in Zhukovski

The conceptual family trade center AVIATOR was opened in 2011 at 2a Bazhenova street, Latskov microdistrict bordering on Gudkovo microdistrict. Currently these districts are most densely populated areas in Zhukovski town. Al most all town with the population of 110 000 people is located in 10-minutes transport accessibility to the trade center, approximately 40 000 people live in the pedestrian availability to the center.

Fitness-Center in Podolsk

The two-floor complex contains swimming pools for adults and children, a gym, private function rooms and group and personal training halls.


It consists of a 3-storied building with total area of 3,900 Mm2 and is located right where it belongs - in the heart of the village square.