The total area of ''Aviator'' trade center (GBA) is 24,000 m2, the leasable area (GLA) is 14,000 m2.


The conceptual family trade center ''AVIATOR'' was opened in 2011 at 2a Bazhenova street, Latskov microdistrict bordering on Gudkovo microdistrict. Currently these districts are most densely populated areas in Zhukovski town. Al most all town with the population of 110 000 people is located in 10-minutes transport accessibility to the trade center, approximately 40 000 people live in the pedestrian availability to the center.


Over 70 entertainment, trade and service operators function in the ''Aviator'' trade center, particularly: the only multiplex cinema in the city ''Luxor'' (5 screens), the entertainment centers ''Aerodrom'' and ''Apelsin'' (children entertainment operator), the supermarket ''Perekrestok'', the popular children store ''Korablik'', the shops ''Fix Price'', ''Ulyibka radugi'', ''OGGI'', ''TVOE'', ''Sela'', ''Concept Club'', ''IQ Toy'', ''Lego'', ''Acoola'', the food court ''Kroshka Kartoshka'' and many others.

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